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This business area serves mainly clinical labs and medical checkup centers with two parallel product lines. One is Bicohem Brand products and the other is advanced coagulation analysing instruments and reagents imported from abroad. Biochem owns MRX brand of a complete line of coagulation analyzers and reagents.  Biochem Group makes an equal effort in distributing world class IVD products like urine analyzing stations by 77 Eleka from Hungary and blood gas analyzers from Germany. Biochem has set up a service network covering most parts of China and has installations at 50% of the biggest 1000 hospitals in China with prompt service to all customers.

Biochem strives to extend its coagulation solutions to Chinese home market and for exports. By integrating domestic and international sales systems the department is all set to form a distinctive Biochem coagulation solution network.

MRX-auto 400 Auto Coagulation Analyzer


Auto Urine Analyzing Station

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