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Primary Healthcare Solutions

A.   Solutions for rural hospital clinic lab

The Primary Healthcare solution provides a standard set of diagnostic instruments for small clinic labs at township hospitals. The instruments are connected with specially designed Lab Information System(LIS) software which also provides staff training, quality control, reagents consumption and management training.
The simplicity and accuracy of this solution really brings healthcare to the countryside areas in China
This concept has been successfully installed to more than 1200 township hospitals in 13 provinces in China.

B.   The village doctor’s health kit

Digitalized Health Kit 


The village doctor’s health kit is specially designed for use in a small village doctor’s station. An easably carried case includes a number of basic diagnostic instruments integrated with functions of chronic disease diagnosis, health data collecting and transmission, chronic disease management and health education. This solution drastically enhances a village doctor’s diagnosis and public health service abilities and is well received in more than 100 trial stations in 3 provinces in China.

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